Turkmen schoolchildren received training computers

Turkmen schoolchildren received training computers

On the eve of the New Year, first-graders of Turkmenistan received high-tech gifts – laptops developed by Agzybirlik Tilsimaty JV that meet the latest requirements of the world electronic market.

Both Ashgabat first-graders and schoolchildren in other regions of the country received New Year’s surprises from the hands of Ayaz Baba (Santa Claus) and Garpamyk (Snow Maiden).

Bilimli domestic computers perform various training functions and work in three languages – Turkmen, Russian and English. The development of computer programs was carried out jointly with specialists in the field of education of Turkmenistan.

The training computers provide all the opportunities for children of different age categories, have increased technical indicators and improved software. The design and configuration of computers was developed by Turkmen and Chinese specialists.

“The introduction of computers in the school curriculum has a very beneficial effect on the development of children, – says primary school teacher Amangul Gylyjova. – This laptop model allows a pupil to work with any training program, and in addition it is very convenient to use.”

As Amangul notes, working with a computer develops attention, logical and abstract thinking, and affects the child’s creative abilities. Developing computer programs help children learn to make independent decisions, expand their horizons and hemispheres of their knowledge.

Modern schools are equipped with a variety of multimedia technologies – interactive whiteboards, language rooms, and today’s pupils learn the basic computer science from the first grade. Therefore, New Year’s gifts intended for first-graders will be excellent assistants for children in their comprehensive development.

photos by Suleiman Charyev