OGT 2020: preliminary results

OGT 2020: preliminary results

XXV International conference «Oil and gas of Turkmenistan 2020», being held on October, 28-29 in Ashkhabad, collected representatives more than 100 leading oil and gas companies from 30 countries of the world, heads and employees of the largest international organisations and financial institutions, experts and analysts that speaks about genuine interest from foreign partners in Turkmen energy carriers and prospects of joint development of gas and oil deposits.

What conclusions and forecasts can be made following the results of the two-day forum?

First of all, regional central Asian markets open attractive prospects for export of Turkmen gas.

According to forecasts of experts, demand for Turkmen gas will constantly grow in neighbouring Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

British IHS Markit is sure that Turkmen gas export to Uzbekistan can already reach 3 billion cubic meters a year by 2030, 8,4 billion cubic meters by 2040 and more 11 billion cubic meters a year - by 2050.

According to the base forecast all the same IHS Markit, export Turkmen gas in southern areas of Kazakhstan will begin right after 2020, having reached 2 billion cubic meters a year by 2030 and 5, 5 billion cubic meters a year – by 2050.

Besides, the present high prices on liquefied natural gas (LNG) create good preconditions for the optimistically forecast on export of gas from Turkmenistan to many Asian countries.

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