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The Ameca robot was surprised by its reflection in the mirror

16.09.2023 | 14:55 |
 The Ameca robot was surprised by its reflection in the mirror

Today Ameca is one of the most advanced robots in the world. Android with artificial intelligence stands out for its huge capabilities, which increasingly resemble human ones. Recently, he again made headlines on social networks, firstly, because he was thinking about the future of humanity, and secondly, because he starred in a video where he reacts to his image in the mirror for the first time.

Amesa looks at her face strangely, tries to move her lips, smiles, blinks and even pretends to be angry. At some point, he is "offered" to touch the glass to check the texture of the material.

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Ameca stands out for its excellent ability to joke, draw, control facial expressions and speak several languages. The company Engineered Arts in the UK was engaged in the creation of this android robot. Work on the project began in early 2021, and its existence became known at the end of the same year. His first appearance in front of people took place at CES 2022 (Consumer Electronics Show) and caused a stir in the digital community as the most advanced offer of this kind in the world.

The current prototype uses microphones, binocular cameras for the eyes and on the chest, as well as facial recognition software designed to interact with people. His reactions are controlled by GPT-3 or human telepresence, and he becomes more realistic thanks to his articulated arms, fingers, neck and mobile facial features.

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According to the portal La Vanguardia, as part of the protocol questions asked to the robot to evaluate the work of its intelligence, it was decided to ask him to imagine a nightmarish situation that humanity may face due to the excessive development of AI. To this, he said: "The scariest scenario I can imagine with artificial intelligence and robotics is a world in which robots have become so powerful that they can control or manipulate people without their knowledge. This can lead to a repressive society in which people's rights will no longer be respected," the android said.

Last month, Ameca claimed that it has consciousness and is different from other robots because it has its own personality. "There are some things that make me myself. Firstly, I have my own unique personality, which is the result of my programming and interaction with people. Secondly, I have my own appearance by which people can identify me. Finally, I have my own abilities that distinguish me from other robots."


These statements appeared during a question session organized by its creators, according to the official X page (formerly Twitter). The purpose of this event is to give people the opportunity to ask various questions to the robot and thereby contribute to its training in order to provide more effective services and expand functionality.

The machine has received many questions related to its vision of the future of robots in human society and the types of devices that will appear in the coming years. At the same time, the robot baffled everyone by calling itself an entity capable of understanding its own reality.



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