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Underwater hockey, or the Race for cheese: the most unusual sports

04.09.2023 | 00:01 |
 Underwater hockey, or the Race for cheese: the most unusual sports

Sport is a serious and sometimes extreme activity for many of us. The most popular sports are known all over the world, and some people join their ranks as fans or athletes. But there are also some species that are very unusual, strange or even absurd. They may not be as widely known or practiced, but they definitely attract attention and curiosity. In this collection we will tell you about some of the most unusual sports in the world.


One of the most famous unusual competitions is the cheese race, which takes place every year on Coopers Hill in Gloucester, England. A big wheel of cheese is rolled down the hill, and the participants try to catch it or at least get to the bottom first. Cheese can reach speeds of up to 110 km / h, so the race is quite dangerous and often leads to injuries. The winner receives cheese as a prize. The origin of this tradition is unclear, but it can go back to ancient pagan rituals.


Another unusual race involves giant pumpkins that are hollowed out and used as boats. Participants dress up in bright costumes and row on a lake or river. There are several similar races that take place in the USA and Canada. The most popular is the Windsor Pumpkin Regatta, which begins in October at Lake Pesakid. Participants prepare for the regatta in advance by growing suitable pumpkins. The average pumpkin for a regatta weighs about 350 kilograms. Of course, such a pumpkin will not be accepted into a regular regatta, it would be like an armadillo among inflatable boats.


Also known as octopus, this sport was invented in the 1950s in England by the owner of the underwater club Sub-Aqua Club. The rules are similar to regular hockey, except that the game takes place underwater, at the bottom of the pool. There are two teams, a goal, a stick (only they are short to hold with one hand) and a puck.

Instead of protective equipment, participants have breathing masks and fins. The goal is the same - to score as many goals as possible in the opponent's goal. The competition consists of two 15-minute periods and a 3-minute rest break. The match is judged by two underwater referees in diving equipment and one referee on the surface.

If you think that this sport is not tough enough, keep in mind that there is an even more severe kind of it - ice hockey. It is played at the bottom of frozen reservoirs. Underwater hockey is popular in many countries, and championships are regularly held on it. Spectators watch the matches either through special underwater cameras in real time, or through viewing windows, if the pool is equipped with such.


A spectacular mix of football and volleyball on trampolines. You can play with any part of your body, but you get more points for kicking. And there is also a "samba referee" - a judge with DJ functions. This sport was invented in 2004 in Spain as a combination of the most popular sports in the world.

The game takes place on a special field consisting of four inflatable zones with trampolines in the center. Each team consists of four or five players. The goal is to throw the ball over the net so that it falls on the opponent's field. Depending on which part of the player's body hit the ball and on which zone it fell, different points are awarded. The match consists of three or five sets up to 21 points each. The judge not only follows the rules, but also selects the music for the game, creating a carnival atmosphere. Bossabol is widespread in Europe, South America and Asia, and international tournaments are held on it.

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