01.12.2023 14:21
In December, SpaceX, owned by American entrepreneur Elon Musk, plans to begin testing cellular communications using Starlink satellites. Thus, smartphones will be connected directly to the global satellite system deployed by SpaceX.
01.12.2023 12:59
It is already December, and this means DevFest Ashgabat conducted by Google Developers Group (GDG) in Turkmenistan third year in a row is coming closer. Within the framework of the upcoming IT conference, we start the campaign of raising awareness about the speakers of the festival and the topics they are going to talk on, in order to give visitors a deeper understanding of what awaits them on the major technological event of the year. In this article you will read about Ilyas Seisov, Shasenem Chakanova, and Myrat Sahetgulyyev.
29.11.2023 13:41
The Chinese company Huawei has introduced the world's first tablet computer with satellite communication support.
28.11.2023 11:24
Samsung is preparing to release smartphones and simple phones with built-in artificial intelligence, according to the portal GalaxyClub.
27.11.2023 12:24
China has started creating its own satellite Internet network similar to the global Starlink system from SpaceX.
25.11.2023 17:42
At the Huawei Connect 2023 exhibition in Paris, the latest technologies for digitalization, ensuring the environmental friendliness of small and medium-sized enterprises were presented, Euronews reports.
22.11.2023 17:23
The founder of the American company OpenAI, Sam Altman, will return to the startup as CEO.
22.11.2023 15:52
Apple plans to release a MacBook with cellular support based on its own chip with a 5G modem.
21.11.2023 21:31
Delegates from the Tiandu Deep Space Research Laboratory and the Shanghai Research Institute of Space Movement paid a working visit to the Belarusian-Chinese industrial park "Great Stone".
21.11.2023 16:45
To ensure timely and high-quality fulfillment of citizens’ demands, the Ministry of Digital Development, Innovation and Aerospace Industry of Kazakhstan is introducing artificial intelligence technology. This was reported by the International News Agency Kazinform with reference to the head of the department, Bagdat Musin.