24.09.2021 17:03
Corporate clients of the Ashgabat City Telephone Network (AGTS) will now be able to pay for all services online, according to the official website of the joint-stock company.
11.09.2021 20:53
Based on the Law of Turkmenistan "On Electronic Document, Electronic Document Management and Digital Services", the Main State Service of "Turkmenstandartlary" developed and approved the Software Certification Procedure.
27.07.2021 17:44
China has become a major producer of Tesla models for global markets, said the United States electric carmaker on Tuesday.
20.07.2021 12:02
The Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries (TKNPZ) is modernizing automated control systems at several units. The relevant international tender was published in the official Turkmen press today.
14.07.2021 01:33
About 200 domain names are currently registered in Turkmenistan, where online shops and sites providing paid services operate.
27.04.2021 21:01
“TurkmenAlem52.0E” - is the first Turkmen communications satellite built by the French company “Thales Alenia Space” on the basis of the “Spacebus” satellite platform. It was launched on April 28, 2015 from Cape Canaveral (USA). The satellite is located in geostationary orbit and...
31.03.2021 13:51
Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has announced about the creation of a subsidiary enterprise for the production of electric vehicles. Over 10 years, the company plans to invest $10 billion. The subsidiary will be 100% pertained to the IT giant, and will be headed by Xiao...
18.03.2021 07:02
Blockchain-based technologies in cryptocurrencies have recently moved from financial sector to other areas, it can be seen applied in medicine, elections and education. The use of distributed ledger technology provides advantages such as security and transparency, which led to th...
15.03.2021 08:19
Yesterday the World Wide Web turned 32 years old. On March 12th, 1989, a presentation of a unified system for organizing, storing and general access to information took place. It was developed by the English physicist Tim Berners-Lee. He called his project the World Wide Web (WWW...
09.03.2021 11:08
The Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Education of Turkmenistan invite scientists and experts of research centers, institutes and universities of foreign countries to take part in an online meeting which will be held on June 12-13, 2021 in Ashkhabad. The scientific conferenc...