28.01.2023 12:57
The State Committee of the Republic of Belarus on Property plans to use neural networks in its work to detect offenses in automatic mode, BelTA reports with reference to the head of the department Dmitry Matusevich.
28.01.2023 12:32
A group of scientists from China, Hong Kong and the USA has created a metal robot that, under the influence of magnetic fields, is able to change its state from solid to liquid, thanks to which it can pass through gratings and seep into hard-to-reach places. Information about the project is published in the Matter magazine.
28.01.2023 12:27
AstroForge space startup is preparing a mission to mine platinum on asteroids. The test flight is planned to be carried out in April this year. This will be the first attempt in the history of mankind to extract minerals from celestial bodies. Two spacecraft will be launched into orbit by a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket, Bloomberg reports.
27.01.2023 00:22
Kyrgyzstanis have started using digital documents – a passport, a driver's license and a technical passport for a car are now available in the Tunduk public services application, the Kyrgyz press reports.
25.01.2023 14:29
Specialists of the Research and Production Center for Renewable Energy Sources of the State Energy Institute of Turkmenistan have developed software that will help to build efficient solar and wind power plants in the future. This was told by the director of the center Kakageldy Saryev in a comment for the Turkmen official press.
24.01.2023 21:32
Scientists from Peking University analyzed the trajectories of seismic waves caused by earthquakes and found out that the rotation of the solid inner core of the Earth slowed down in the period from 2009 to 2020, and now, perhaps, it began to rotate in the other direction altogether, according to a study published in Nature Geoscience.
23.01.2023 19:55
A research team from the Ruhr University analyzed more than 50,000 naked-eye observations of stars from 2011 to 2022 as part of the scientific project "The Globe at Night", during which it turned out that people around the world see fewer and fewer stars in the night sky. This is due to an increase in the brightness of the sky by 7-10% per year, according to the results of the study published by the journal Science.
23.01.2023 01:42
Reliable, economical and budgetary - this is what the designers say about the new Chinese engine, which was equipped with the flagship Belarus tractor. Its power is 350 horsepower. Now the unit is being tested and this year it will go to work in real conditions, Belarusian media write.
20.01.2023 00:01
Google will release a smart tracker to search for lost items. The device can be attached to keys, luggage and other personal belongings to avoid losing them. The device will connect to the phone and show the location of items, the media writes with reference to the Android Authority.
18.01.2023 15:13
A group of researchers from the Universities of Cambridge, Edinburgh and Washington noticed that the melting of ice depends not only on global warming, but also on the prevailing winds blowing on the glaciers from the west. This makes the melting process reversible, according to a study published in the journal Nature Communications.