02.02.2023 21:07
A kind of musical flash mob begins all over the world on the eve of the celebration of Valentine's Day – romantic concerts are held in almost all cities of the world and Ashgabat is no exception. After all, even the name of the Turkmen capital means "city of love" in Persian.
01.02.2023 00:23
Someone is looking for a favorite thing all his life, or for many decades, it finds someone by itself, without asking once entering fate and staying in it forever, as it happened with the amazing master Alexey Kiselyov from Ashgabat.
31.01.2023 13:45
Performers of the ancient Indian dance bharatanatyam from India visited Turkmenistan. During the visit, they performed on the stage of the Magtymguly National Music and Drama Theater and the Kemine State Drama Theater of Mary Region, the Turkmenistan newspaper reports today.
29.01.2023 22:48
The Organizing Committee of the 9th International Competition for Young Photojournalists of the World in Memory of Andrey Stenin is accepting works in 2023 until February 28, 2023 inclusive.
28.01.2023 23:43
Has a little girl from the provincial town of Dashoguz ever thought that one day she will become a famous fashion designer and will live and teach in Paris at the Advanced School of Fashion? She will be addressed only as a professor, and students will catch her every word to learn how to create outfits that will conquer catwalks in different countries of the world. Rather, it was a childhood dream, for the realization of which you first need to buy a ticket to the same Paris. This will definitely happen, but later. And until that day, a whole life and a lot of events will pass before the story of the Turkmen Frenchwoman who conquered the Champs-Elysees begins.
28.01.2023 23:27
The International Theater Festival "Meetings in Russia" will be held traditionally in St. Petersburg from April 14 to 17. Creative collectives and troupes of theaters from Russia, CIS countries and neighboring countries will present their performances at the forum. The main venues for screenings and events will be the Large and Small Stages of the Baltic House Theater-Festival, which is the organizer of the holiday, reports
26.01.2023 12:11
The second episode of the series The Last of Us, which was released on January 23, has already been watched by 5.7 million viewers, which is 22% more views than the first. The streaming service HBO reports on the record high rates of the video game adaptation.
25.01.2023 01:12
The first ever Saudi Arabia Biennale of Islamic Art opened in Jeddah at the Hajj Terminal at King Abdulaziz International Airport on January 23.
23.01.2023 21:18
The box office of the film "Avatar 2: The Way of Water" exceeded $ 2 billion, which made director James Cameron an absolute record holder and the only director whose three films earned more than $2 billion at once and became one of the highest-grossing in history, Kino News reports.
22.01.2023 23:57
Turkmen poet Akmurad Rejepov became the winner of the international creative competition for the best translation into the national language of an excerpt from the poem "Love and Freedom" by the famous Hungarian poet Sandor Petefi. The quatrain can now be read in Turkmen and the languages of other TURKSOY member states, the organization's press service said.