28.06.2022 12:56
President Serdar Berdimuhamedov instructed Deputy Prime Minister Annageldy Yazmyradov, who is in charge of the agro-industrial complex, to create a permanent water resources management center in the administrative center of the Kerki district of the Lebap region, the official Turkmen press writes today.
24.06.2022 19:48
IMEO is ready to provide companies operating in Turkmenistan with transparent standardized protocols for reporting methane emissions, technical guidelines for managing methane, as well as organizing seminars and modules that will help improve reporting on emissions of this gas and better control its sources, head of the International Emissions Observatory methane (IMEO) Manfredi Caltagirone said.
24.06.2022 01:28
The country presented such ambitious goals in the program to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in key sectors of the national economy, which will be implemented under the Paris Climate Agreement. The document was submitted to the UNFCCC Secretariat in May this year.
24.06.2022 01:18
The Government of Turkmenistan and the European Union are preparing a high–level meeting that will be devoted to strengthening cooperation in the environmental sphere - reducing methane emissions, using the possibilities of hydrogen and "Green Transition".
24.06.2022 01:07
I want to start with the weather news, – said the EU Ambassador to Turkmenistan Diego Ruiz Alonso, speaking at the international scientific conference "Environmental aspects of hydrocarbon resources extraction", which was held today in Ashgabat.
24.06.2022 00:39
145 million trees "encircles" Ashgabat and other settlements of the country today. The "green necklace" has been strung for the past 20 years, planting 3 million trees every year. The total area of artificial forests of coniferous, deciduous and fruit trees currently exceeds 185 thousand hectares.
07.06.2022 20:02
Today, USAID in partnership with the Public Association Enterprise Tebigy Kuwwat hosted a roundtable for the government agencies responsible for environmental monitoring and data collection to discuss regulations that support climate-friendly policies and practices in Turkmenistan.
07.06.2022 16:24
The UNDP Office in Turkmenistan together with the Nature Protection Society of Turkmenistan held an Educational session themed "Only One Earth" for children of the sanatorium complex "Dayanch" in the Avaza National Tourist Zone.
31.05.2022 23:02
Today, UNDP and the British Embassy in Turkmenistan in a hybrid format convened the Development Partners Climate Group Coordination meeting aimed at continuing the established dialogue to support the Government of Turkmenistan in implementing projects and international commitments related to the environment and climate change.
31.05.2022 15:08
Within the framework of the joint project of UNDP and the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan "Sustainable Cities in Turkmenistan: Integrated Green Urban Development in Ashgabat and Avaza”, a training seminar "Introducing international experience in the development of regulatory and technical documents for the promotion of renewable energy sources in Turkmenistan" was held in an online format.