12.06.2024 14:45
On June 12, 2024, a meeting was held at the UAE Embassy in Turkmenistan on the topic “The path from Dubai to Baku - Pre-COP29”.
06.06.2024 15:45
The Nature Protection Society of Turkmenistan is implementing a solid waste collection project in Ashgabat.
05.06.2024 16:39
World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5. It was established in 1972 by the UN General Assembly and has grown into one of the largest global platforms for informing the public about the state of the environment.
05.06.2024 10:05
On June 17, 2024, World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, a global event will take place in Bonn, Germany.
04.06.2024 12:19
Following the presentation by the American company Intel and its partners in February of the concept of an environmentally friendly PC (Green PC), 90% recyclable, major manufacturers have released a set of standards for assessing the environmental friendliness of PCs.
28.05.2024 09:25
From June 1, a ban on all types of single-use plastic bags, both plastic and paper, will come into force in Dubai.
09.05.2024 11:30
Artificial islands may appear in the Caspian Sea.
18.04.2024 19:42
From April 20 to 29, the “Eurasian Cup of Cleanliness” championship will be held in Russia and the CIS countries, the PrimaMedia news agency reports.
11.04.2024 18:09
Environmental engineering company Kayrros Methane Watch in Paris uses satellite data and artificial intelligence models to accurately monitor leaks of methane, a potent greenhouse gas released by fossil energy sources.
31.03.2024 20:04
The action "Day without a car" was held in Tashkent on March 29. On this day, managers and other employees of all republican and local executive authorities, whose buildings are located in the capital of Uzbekistan, were instructed to "set a personal example by arriving at the workplace by public transport."