27.02.2023 14:34
Yandex topped the rating of the most expensive companies on the Runet in 2023 according to Forbes magazine. The second and third places were taken by Wildberries and Ozon, respectively, in the rating of the "30 most expensive companies of the Runet - 2023", published in the magazine.
27.02.2023 11:54
Nokia has announced plans to change the look of the brand by adding a new logo, as the company decided to focus on growth and become not just a smartphone manufacturer, but also a technology provider for business. The rebranding will happen for the first time in 60 years. This was announced by CEO Pekka Lundmark in an interview with Reuters.
25.02.2023 13:41
The first-ever conference to discuss the draft global guidelines for regulating digital platforms called "Internet of Trust" has ended in Paris, the UN press service reports.
25.02.2023 10:34
On February 23, the USAID Project for the Development of Entrepreneurship and the Business Environment in Turkmenistan launched the first DigiWomen Camp program in Turkmenistan, which aims to create new employment opportunities for girls and women in the field of information and communication technologies.
23.02.2023 12:42
The Japanese startup "Iwaya Giken" offers everyone a flight on a two-seater balloon to a height of 25 km, from where you can see the roundness of the shape of the Earth, the online magazine Universe Magazine reports.
22.02.2023 15:18
Instagram users will be able to comment on posts using animated images or GIF files. The new feature is under testing and will be implemented in stages. Thanks to it, Instagram account owners will be able to search for GIFs from GIPHY and respond to messages using them as comments.
22.02.2023 14:57
Russian scientists of the medical Center of the Far Eastern Federal University together with colleagues from Skoltech and specialists of the company "Motorika" have developed a sensitive prosthetic leg, Izvestia reports.
22.02.2023 14:10
Scientists of the St. Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design have developed a method of fabric finishing that makes colored materials resistant to fire, water and other damaging factors. This is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.
22.02.2023 11:36
The iPhone 15 will have a rounded body like the iPhone 5 and a USB Type-C port, instead of a Lightning connector, reports , thanks to the layouts of the new smartphone at their disposal.
20.02.2023 13:52
CEO of Meta Mark Zuckerberg has announced the launch of a new service — paid verification for users of social networks Facebook and Instagram — Meta Verified, reports the BBC.