11.11.2022 00:22
The exhibition of information and communication technologies "TurkmenTel-2022", held in Ashgabat, presents a wide range of innovations in this area, software, service companies and consulting services.
30.10.2022 16:55
Alabai is the pride of Turkmens, a faithful companion of the people for thousands of years of rich history. A large Central Asian Shepherd dog has repeatedly become the object of universal attention of eminent dog breeders around the world who dreamed of replenishing their "collection" with representatives of this breed. However, Turkmen alabai are listed as a national treasure and their export is strictly controlled. It is understandable: the extraordinary exterior and incredible characteristics "trampled" a separate branch of the concept of beauty for Alabai.
10.10.2022 21:33
An eco-festival with a focus on the climate theme was held in Ashgabat on Sunday – perhaps the garden of the Ak Altyn Hotel, which was chosen by the organizers as the venue for the event, has not yet known such an invasion of people.
26.05.2022 19:39
The exhibition "White City of Ashgabat", which opened on Wednesday in the Turkmen capital, has the status of "universal" for a reason.
21.04.2022 02:22
On the occasion of the International Mother Earth Day, on 22 April, UNDP Turkmenistan, together with the Nature Protection Society of Turkmenistan and other national partners, organized the “Green Games” for students at school No 1 of Anev town, Ahal velayat.
17.12.2021 23:03
In October-November 2021, USAID hosted a two-month online export skill development course for 25 consultants from Turkmenistan. The training aimed at the export system development within the private sector and increasing the export capacity of Turkmen companies covered a wide range of topics.
06.08.2021 23:03
In the International sea port of Turkmenbashi city the official opening ceremony of the exhibition of the goods of manufacturers of the Central Asian countries took place.
24.06.2021 01:32
Today a new international airport has been commissioned in the city of Kerki in the east of Turkmenistan (Lebap Region). The opening ceremony was attended by President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov, members of the Government and other leaders.
10.04.2021 21:48
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06.02.2021 17:30
As already reported by ORIENT, on Saturday, February 6, a meeting of the leadership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Turkmenistan with representatives of the Afghan Taliban movement took place in Ashgabat. While the negotiators are getting ready to go out to the press, ...