18.09.2023 11:11
The delegation of Turkmenistan took part in the Third Ministerial Conference in the Field of Forestry in Greater Central Asia, which was held on September 11-14 in the Chinese city district of Chifing, reports
15.09.2023 14:23
Four documents were signed following the Summit of the Heads of the founding States of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea in Dushanbe, reported press service of the President of Kazakhstan.
15.09.2023 13:34
At the Summit of the Heads of State of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea in Dushanbe, President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov proposed to intensify work on improving the contractual and legal framework of IFAS and to define the goals and objectives of the Fund's further work.
15.09.2023 12:20
At the Summit of the Heads of State of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea (IFAS) In Dushanbe, President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov called for the modernization of the Central Asian Water Strategy, which would reflect the basic principles and rules of cooperation on water issues in the region. The development of this document was initiated by Turkmenistan during its chairmanship in IFAS.
15.09.2023 11:50
A Summit of the heads of the founding states of the International Fund for Saving the Aral Sea has started in Dushanbe with the participation of President of Turkmenistan Serdar Berdimuhamedov.
14.09.2023 20:59
Competitions in waste collection and sorting will be held in the CIS countries in the “Clean Games” format. From September 16-24, the organizers plan to hold more than 110 games in Russian regions and 50 in eight Eurasian states.
13.09.2023 21:21
The Japanese authorities have allocated a grant of $ 2 million for the rehabilitation of agriculture in the Aral Sea region. A project to improve the standard of living of the population of the Aral Sea region was launched by UNDP in Uzbekistan.
10.09.2023 17:44
A koala named Claude made headlines around the world after he was caught chewing saplings at an Australian eucalyptus nursery. The owner of the nursery told reporters that several months ago his employees began to observe the disappearance of plants. They initially suspected that escaped goats or local opossums might have been responsible for the theft.
10.09.2023 12:00
NASA published a satellite image of the Amu Derya in the gallery on its website on September 9. The description of the image states that "on September 4, 2023, the medium-resolution spectroradiometer (MODIS) on the NASA Aqua satellite received a full-color image of the green stripe surrounding the Amu Derya River in Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan."
10.09.2023 11:00
For the first time, the evolutionary history of ancient tigers has been fully studied - an international team of scientists has traced the genetic history of the origin of these large predators in continental Asia. They examined the DNA code of more than 60 modern and fossil specimens and officially confirmed the existence of nine modern subspecies. The results of their work are published in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution.