28.06.2020 11:15
There were earlier projects and some progress in the sense that Turkmenistan, rich in oil and gas resources, is heading for the development of renewable energy. But now, this has been immediately supported by two Decrees issued by President Berdimuhamedov at a Cabinet meeting via
12.06.2020 19:15
The first party of oil from the USA started to arrive in Belarus to Open Joint-Stock Company "NAFTAN" on Thursday, as informed journalists in "Belneftkhim" Concern’s press-service. «The American oil started to arrive in «Naftan ». At midday oil was started to empty from tanks ...
11.04.2020 16:52
OPEC + has agreed a new transaction, Minister of Energy Alexander Novak on the channel «Russia 24» told. As he said, the agreement will operate for two years - till May, 1, 2022. First two months oil recovery reduction will make ten millions barrels a day. In the second half o...
15.12.2019 08:23
Donald Trump's statement on Twitter that the USA and the People’s Republic of China have co-ordinated the first phase of commercial transaction, led to a confident growth of the world prices for oil. On this background the cost of oil of reference marks reached the maximum marks ...
05.11.2019 06:26
The cost of the North Sea mixture of Brent oil is growing by more than 1%, as the result of these bids. Thus, January futures on the ICE stock exchange reached $62.53 per barrel (+1.343%). The “Prime” Agency notes that raw materials become more expensive against the fact that ...
09.10.2019 04:51
Oil in global sales areas is bargained differently against expectation of trading negotiations of the USA and China which will begin on Thursday after several months of break. If on Monday and morning of Tuesday the cost of oil of reference grades showed a growth and reached $...
28.02.2019 05:31
The delegation of Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) of the Kingdom of Bahrain, headed by the chairman of the board of directors Ahmed Al-Sharyan, is in talks with the heads of departments of the oil and gas sector of the government of Turkmenistan. This is published on...
25.02.2019 05:11
If have a look to the world’s oil markets, the decision of OPEC+ to reduce oil production in January, began to yield results. During the week, world crude oil prices showed a positive trend and completed weekly trading with steady growth. In London, at the Intercontinental Fut
28.01.2019 08:13
After a break of almost two years, the transshipment of Turkmen oil resumed at Makhachkala Commercial Sea Port (MITI). The Russian media spread this news with reference to the Assistant General Director of the ISCC Alik Abdulgamidov. ORIENT in April 2018 in the article “Will T...
25.01.2019 17:19
Exports of Turkmen oil via Russia’s Black sea port of Novorossiisk will resume in February, Reuters reports referring to sources. It is noted, the pumping Turkmen oil through the Makhachkala-Novorossiisk pipeline could add as much as 200,000 tonnes of crude per month into Russ...