18.10.2020 05:13
In Russia, the visa-free regime for Iranian tourist groups will come into force in the near future. During a weekly press conference, Russian Foreign Ministry official spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said this in response to a question of an IRNA reporter. “An Agreement on visa-fr...
04.09.2020 17:30
Turkmenistan resumed regular railway service with Iran on September 1. The movement of freight trains is carried out according to a regular schedule through customs checkpoints at the border crossings Serakhs-Serakhs, Artyk-Lutfabat and Akyaila-Incheburun. Since April 1, Turkm
06.06.2020 19:00
The ports affairs director of Iran’s Ports and Maritime Organization (PMO) has informed that Iran and the United Arab Emirates have renewed sea trade. Ravanbakhsh Behzadian told that he added that sea trade between Iran and the United Arab Emirates stopped with the outbreak of...
11.04.2020 16:47
Customs Department Head Bazargan Sadek Namdar informed that a consignment of a medicine for coronavirus infection was delivered from Bulgaria to Iran, Iranian State News Agency IRNA reports. - The second consignment of drugs, effective for treating a new type of coronavirus in...
08.04.2020 18:38
In a letter to the Leader of the Islamic Republic on Monday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani expressed gratitude for the issued permit by Ayatollah Khamenei, allowing withdrawal of one billion euros from National Development Fund of Iran (NDFI) to combat the lethal coronavirus i...
05.04.2020 08:25
The first test system for detecting COVID-19 coronavirus pneumonia was presented in Tehran on Saturday in the presence of Iran’s Vice President for Scientific Affairs Sorena Sattari, the IRNA News Agency reported. Sorena Sattari said that Iran does not need to import equipment...
26.03.2020 11:24
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said the number of patients and deaths associated with coronavirus in the country is decreasing, and and that “this is happy news”. Rouhani noted that over the past 24 hours, that the number of patients confirmed to have contracted the coronavi...
25.03.2020 08:12
The World Health Organization (WHO) delivered the seventh shipment of emergency medical supplies to the Iranian authorities in connection with the outbreak of coronavirus, Iranian news agency IRNA reported. The shipment, which was made directly from WHO headquarters in Geneva,...
23.03.2020 07:57
On the day of the vernal equinox, 1399 began in Iran according to the official calendar used in this country; it keeps its chronology according to the Solar Hijra, based on the equinoxes and the movement of the Earth around the Sun. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who congra...
23.03.2020 07:41
During these difficult days of the fight against coronavirus infection, Turkmenistan provided humanitarian assistance to Iran. This was reported by the Foreign Ministry of Turkmenistan. “Being committed to the primordial traditions of good neighborliness and high humane values...