12.10.2020 17:25
Despite the strengthening of control over trade with a view to the spread of COVID-19 in the world, Turkmenistan continues to increase export of tomatoes. In January-July of the current year, the physical volume of tomato supplies from Turkmenistan grow up on 99% compared to the ...
03.01.2020 04:38
The Afghan Ministry of Commerce and Industry declared that 10,000 tons of various goods with a total cost US $ 220 million were exported per a thousand flights. In a press-release, issued by the Ministry, it is reported that the cargo was sent through the air harbors of Afghan...
17.11.2019 06:27
The deep processing of natural gas in Turkmenistan may overwhelm its export over time. Turkmenistan has already achieved serious success in creating advanced production facilities based on gas chemistry. This is evidenced by the presentation of the prestigious international TIGAS...
09.10.2019 19:52
Ashgabat hosts a seminar organized by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) in partnership with the EU funded project “Support for Further Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development in Turkmenistan (Phase III)”. A training course presents the best practic...
09.09.2019 06:44
The Joint Venture Agzybirlik Tilsimat, founded in October 2018, merged the Turkmen Computer Technology Center under the Ministry of Trade and Foreign Economic Relations with the leading Chinese Companies Hengsheng Lianhua Investment Management Co. Ltd. and Tongfang Hongkong Limit...
19.06.2019 05:18
The trading structure of the Turkmenbashi Complex of Oil Refineries, the Company Turkmen Petroleum estimates the possibility of increasing the supply of diesel fuel to the Ukrainian market in 2019 by 40% (to 250-260 thousand tons). Company operating manager Charyguly Yuvshanov sa...
19.06.2019 05:07
The first 115 tons of Afghan marble was successfully delivered through the territory of Turkmenistan to Azerbaijan. This is reported by the Azerbaijani media. This event demonstrates the growing importance of the Lapis Lazuli corridor in the development of regional and contine
28.02.2019 05:58
More than 20 Turkmen businessmen took part in a seminar of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) to learn from the best international experience in the field of export. Export is always associated with great risks for any business, but this challenge allo...
30.01.2019 06:26
On February 20-22, Ashgabat will host a training entitled “Best Practices of Export and Trade Finance”, designed specifically for Turkmen private enterprises aimed at expanding the supply of their products to foreign markets. The training course will be organized by the Europe...
25.01.2019 17:19
Exports of Turkmen oil via Russia’s Black sea port of Novorossiisk will resume in February, Reuters reports referring to sources. It is noted, the pumping Turkmen oil through the Makhachkala-Novorossiisk pipeline could add as much as 200,000 tonnes of crude per month into Russ...