On the 115th Anniversary of Nurmurad Sarykhanov – the Author of the Iconic Story Shukur Bakhshi

On the 115th Anniversary of Nurmurad Sarykhanov – the Author of the Iconic Story Shukur Bakhshi

A meeting dedicated to the 115th birth anniversary of the writer Nurmurad Sarykhanov was held at the Turkmen State Institute of Culture. The topic for discussion of the library faculty students was the creative heritage of the talented author and his short, but eventful life.

Representatives of the State Library of Turkmenistan, as well as employees of the Lebap and Mary regional libraries, contacted the young specialists online. The event guest of honor was the daughter of the writer – Orazjemal Sarykhanova, who shared her memories about her father.

Nurmurad Sarykhanov was born in the Turkmen hinterland, in 1906, graduated from a rural school and the Ashgabat polytechnic, and soon headed for Tashkent, where he studied to become a journalist. Even before the beginning of the Great Patriotic War, the young author worked as a military correspondent, his first publications appeared on the pages of army newspapers.

After the attack of the Hitlerite troops on the Soviet Union, Nurmurad Sarykhanov among the volunteers went to the battlefields. He fought heroically on the Ukrainian front, liberated the Moldavian lands from the fascist invaders. Victory was on the way when, on May 4, 1944, the writer was fatally wounded and died in battle.

By that time, the name of the writer had firmly entered the Turkmen literature. Nurmurad Sarykhanov wrote many short stories, novelettes and novellas. He created one of the most striking and iconic works – Shukur Bakhshi.

In 1963, based on this story, a young director Bulat Mansurov made a half-hour film “Contest”. The film, which won several awards at international film festivals, was included in the golden fund of the Turkmen cinema. However, Nurmurad Sarykhanov himself considered this work unfinished, so it was not published during the author’s lifetime.

The creative meeting, devoted to the writer, showed how interesting and relevant the author is for his contemporaries. Students asked questions about the ideological component of his literary works, discussed the story Shukur Bakhshi, and also had the opportunity to get acquainted with the grandchildren of the writer.