Training Program for Athletics Instructors

Training Program for Athletics Instructors

The International Coach Academy of the German Athletics Association (DLV) invites coaches, instructors and other professionals to participate in the training and education program in the field of athletics.

The duration of a course, organized in partnership with the German Federal Foreign Office, is 12 months. It offers an intensive study of the German language, the theory and practice of athletics, as well as advice on sports science and medicine, and a high-class training methodology. The participants will also get acquainted with the know-how for organizing sporting events and special literature in this area.

Upon completion of the course its participants are issued a diploma of an athletics coach and a certificate of the International Athletics Federation, which is recognized throughout the world.

The deadline for submitting applications for everyone aged 25 to 40 is April 10, 2021.

The German Athletics Association has been promoting this Olympic sport since the early 1970s. Today, the accumulated potential of specially trained coaches significantly contributes to the international sports movement. It should be noted that about 500 people from 88 countries around the world were trained at the school of the German Athletics Association in Mainz.