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Delegation from Aba Annayev International Horse Breeding Academy Visited Asbury University Exploring Cooperation Opportunities

30.05.2024 | 10:40 |
 Delegation from Aba Annayev International Horse Breeding Academy Visited Asbury University Exploring Cooperation Opportunities

On May 28, 2024 Delegation from Turkmenistan, representing the Aba Annayev International Horse Breeding Academy, visited Asbury University in Wilmore, State of Kentucky, to establish cooperative ties between the two institutions. The delegation included Ambassador Meret Orazov, Vice-Rector Seyitmyrat Atayev, and horse breeder and trainer Aman Bashimov. During their visit, they engaged in fruitful discussions with key figures at Asbury University, including President Kevin Brown, Provost Sherry Powers, Harold Rainwater, founder and director of the Equine Program, who is also the mayor of Wilmore, Dr. Vins Sutlive, Chair of the Department of Science & Health and Dean of the School of Sciences as well as other staff members of the University.

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A comprehensive presentation familiarizing the academic program, curriculum, teaching, and training methodology of the Asbury University was showcased. The central focus of the meetings was the potential cooperation in various areas of the equestrian industry, encompassing the drafting of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two institutions. Discussions highlighted sharing academic curricula, organizing internships, collaborative academic work, and exchanging educational experiences based on Asbury University's established Equine Program. Relevant materials were exchanged to solidify the foundational understanding between both institutions. Parties also explored preparing joint programs to elevate the educational level of students and teaching staff.

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Ambassador Orazov provided an insightful overview of Turkmenistan's state policy to further develop the horse breeding industry, preserve and promote the revered Akhal-Teke breed, and train professionals in this field. Vice-Rector Atayev presented a detailed overview of the newly inaugurated Horse Breeding Academy in the Arkadag city, emphasizing its modern facilities and educational approach. Mr. Bashimov shared the accomplishments of the national equestrian games group "Galkynysh," renowned for its success on the international stage. Also the Turkmen delegation extended an invitation to the leadership of Asbury University to visit Turkmenistan, signaling a strong commitment to fostering this international partnership.

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Following the meetings, the delegation toured the Equine Center at Asbury University. They inspected the stables, training facilities, and barns, and gained insights into the practical operations of the center. This visit provided the delegation with a firsthand look at the high standards of training professionals, equine care and training upheld by the University.

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The following day, the Turkmen delegation visited the renowned Kentucky Horse Park and the Museum of the American Saddlebred Horse. They explored artifacts, trophies, tack, and artwork, deepening their appreciation for the rich equestrian heritage of Kentucky.

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The visit concluded with a strong sense of mutual respect and eagerness to embark on a collaborative journey. Both Asbury University and the Aba Annayev International Horse Breeding Academy look forward to nurturing this partnership, which promises to enhance educational and professional opportunities in the equestrian field for both institutions.

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Photo: Embassy of Turkmenistan in the USA

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