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Google puts users at the mercy of AI

17.05.2024 | 15:08 |
 Google puts users at the mercy of AI

At the last annual Google I/O developer conference, head of Google's search engine development department, Liz Reed, announced the launch of a new mechanism.

Google plans to integrate its proprietary AI chatbot Gemini into the Google Search service familiar to millions.

Thus, the company is radically changing the way people search for information on the Internet. On the one hand, the innovation simplifies the formulation of the problem, since the neural network understands various types of requests.

On the other hand, users will no longer see the usual list of links to sites, except for the advertising block. Artificial intelligence makes the choice instead of them and shows only what is necessary upon request.

Google began testing search with AI functions, the so-called SGE (Search Generative Experience), back in March last year. Testing SGE costs Google more than working with classic search, which is why testing is slow.

A number of experts believe that the introduction of AI could negatively affect Google's advertising revenue, as users will be able to receive more information without directly going to advertisers' sites.



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