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The Embassy of Turkmenistan joined the ASEAN Bicycle Day in Islamabad

20.04.2024 | 23:46 |
 The Embassy of Turkmenistan joined the ASEAN Bicycle Day in Islamabad

Turkmen diplomats in Pakistan joined the action organized on Saturday, April 20, by the Committee of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations in Islamabad under the name "ASEAN Bicycle Day".

Chairman of the ASEAN Committee in Islamabad (ACI) and Philippine Ambassador to Pakistan Maria Agnes M. Cervantes said on Saturday that Bicycle Day is an expression of the desire for a healthy society and socio-economic development not only for the ASEAN regions, but also for the whole world, demonstrating the spirit of regional cooperation and cultural exchange.

Dean of the Diplomatic Corps of Islamabad and Ambassador of Turkmenistan Atajan Movlamov also spoke about the role of such cycling events, which have far-reaching consequences for the economic and social life of societies. After all, in addition to promoting physical activity, they contribute to the development of ties and mutual understanding between people of different backgrounds.Then representatives of the Turkmen diplomatic mission, ambassadors of ASEAN countries, including Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Myanmar, Brunei Darussalam, and diplomats from other countries took part in a bike ride supported by representatives of the business community of Pakistan and local residents.

In general, such events demonstrate the power of sport in transforming cultural languages, promoting mutual understanding and establishing meaningful connections between people, regardless of their nationality. They embody the principles of unity, friendship and cooperation, according to the Pakistani media.



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