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How Turkmenistan celebrates the first of April

01.04.2024 | 15:57 |
 How Turkmenistan celebrates the first of April

The first of April is a day that invades our daily lives, reminding us of a cheerful and carefree view of the world. This day is filled with playful pranks and jokes. But where did this funny tradition come from, and why has it become so popular, including in Turkmenistan?

The history of April Fool's Day has ancient roots. One version connects it with ancient Rome, where the Festival of the Predatory Joke (Hilaria) was celebrated on April 1. Another version claims that the custom of celebrating April 1st originated in France in the 16th century, when in 1564 King Charles IX introduced a new calendar, shifting the start of the new year from April 1st to January 1st. Those who did not notice or refused to accept this change continued to celebrate the New Year in early April, which was accompanied by jokes and practical jokes.

In different countries, holiday traditions may vary slightly, but the basic elements remain the same: jokes, pranks, sometimes even made-up stories in the media. People joke with each other, trying to make this day fun and unforgettable.

In Turkmenistan, the First of April is celebrated with the same fun and joy as in many other countries. The celebration tradition is most likely associated with the Soviet legacy. During the Soviet Union, this day was also celebrated as a day of humor and jokes. There were many entertainment programs on radio and television, as well as publications in the press, the purpose of which was to entertain the population and add positivity to everyday life.

With the development of the Internet and social networks, the tradition of jokes and practical jokes has spread to the digital space of Turkmenistan. People actively share witty posts, photoshops and videos, trying to surprise and amuse their friends and acquaintances.

April Fool's Day is not an official holiday in Turkmenistan, but is becoming increasingly popular, especially among young people. This is an opportunity to escape from everyday worries, have fun and recharge with positivity. It develops a sense of humor and teaches people not to take themselves too seriously. For a bit of fun, let's test your ability to differentiate between fact and fiction with our fun True or False test!


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