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Microsoft will open access to its AI models

27.02.2024 | 20:11 |
 Microsoft will open access to its AI models

Microsoft will open access to its artificial intelligence models. This was stated by representatives of the tech giant at the Mobile Technology Congress, which takes place in Barcelona (MWC). Euronews reports this.

According to them, this will allow countries to create new economic models based on artificial intelligence technologies.

To achieve this, the company intends to expand access to its cloud AI infrastructure for developers around the world.

“Here, at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, we are just introducing a mechanism for accessing AI. Essentially, this means that we are not creating it just for ourselves. We're making it available to companies around the world so they can invest in their own AI inventions,” Microsoft Vice President Brad Smith told Euronews.

He noted that the company is investing huge amounts of money in the construction of data centers with artificial intelligence so that every person can use this technology, create AI-based software, their own applications, etc.

The Microsoft vice president also emphasized the importance of using AI as a protective shield and using it to detect malicious AI.

Microsoft's intention to expand its presence in the growing AI market is evidenced by its deal with French artificial intelligence company Mistral AI at the Mobile Technology Congress in Barcelona.

Microsoft has already invested heavily in OpenAI, the creator of the popular chatbot ChatGPT.



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