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The head of the Ahal region paid a working visit to the Iranian province of North Khorasan

23.02.2024 | 13:28 |
 The head of the Ahal region paid a working visit to the Iranian province of North Khorasan

Head of the Ahal region, Rovshen Khojagulyev, and the delegation accompanying him on his trip to Iran met with the governor of North Khorasan and a group of provincial officials.

According to the Barna news agency, the Governor of North Khorasan, Mohammad Reza Husseinnejad, noted the commonality of cultures between the two countries and pointed out the significance of the previously signed memorandum of understanding between North Khorasan and the Ahal region. He expressed hope that new agreements would be reached during the return visit of the Turkmen delegation.


The Governor added that ten percent of the population of North Khorasan are Turkmens. “We have a 300-kilometer border, and the city of Arkadag is the closest point to Boynord, and it is appropriate to establish a connection between the two sides of the border,” he said.

Rovshen Khojagulyev expressed his desire to expand trade and humanitarian ties between Iran and Turkmenistan, noting that the delegation accompanying him included representatives from the fields of culture, construction, healthcare, trade and economic sector, and there was wide potential for implementing the provisions of the memorandum between the two provinces.


He also mentioned the well-equipped hospitals in Ahal, calling on health professionals from the two countries to exchange experiences and information through video conferencing.

Among the proposals of the North Khorasan Chamber of Commerce and Industry are the creation of a joint trade center, cooperation in the development of a joint special economic zone, and promotion of joint investments.


During the negotiations, the Iranian side announced its readiness to take part in cultural programs dedicated to the 300th anniversary of the birth of the Turkmen poet and philosopher Magtymguly Fragi.

The head of the Ahal region also visited medical institutions in North Khorasan and the cultural and historical complex of Mofkham in the city of Boynord.



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