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“Games of the Future” may become an annual

24.02.2024 | 16:03 |
 “Games of the Future” may become an annual

Multisport tournament “Games of the Future”, which takes place in Kazan, the capital of Tatarstan, may become an annual event. The corresponding decision was announced by the head of the competition Igor Stolyarov.

“Taking into account all the factors, we proposed to hold these competitions once a year. That would be great,” he said.

According to Stolyarov, the number of tournament disciplines may change every year. And the choice of disciplines is left to the participants.

The Games of the Future is a large-scale sports event at the intersection of sports, science and technology, a combination of classic and digital sports. The competitions will be held in 21 innovative disciplines, each of which embodies the concept of “physical + digital”, that is, combines physical culture and esports or VR/AR technology. Among them, digital-digital basketball, hockey, racing, martial arts, skateboarding, cycling and BMX.



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