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Turkmen singer Ilyas Rejepov became a guest of Malakhov's program “Songs from the Whole Heart”

20.02.2024 | 01:50 |
 Turkmen singer Ilyas Rejepov became a guest of Malakhov's program “Songs from the Whole Heart”

Turkmen musician Ilyas Rejepov, also known as Ilyas Pasha, became a guest of the “Songs from the Whole Heart” program on the Rossiya 1 TV channel. Andrei Malakhov invited him to his new Sunday show, where he talks with interesting, talented people about their lives, dreams and families, and between conversations they perform songs.

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Ilyas Redzhepov also came to Moscow with his song, which he wrote to the words of Valery Yatsenko “Years, how to detain you” and touched both Malakhov’s guests and the audience in the studio with it.

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The presenter also recalled that at one time Ilyas traveled throughout the Soviet Union as the lead singer of the famous group “Gunesh” and showed photos and recordings of those years, including the hit “Djamilya”.


At the word “Gunesh”, the guests, who were sad from the nostalgic song about “The Years...”, immediately became excited, remembered the “legend” Rishad Shafi “behind all these drums”, and in the video “Jamila” they immediately recognized the singer Aziza in the role of the oriental beauty. Ilyas Rejepov said that the group performed with this song in 1989 in the then popular program “Morning Mail”, and Aziza’s first performance took place at the same time.

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Along with the song, he brought a handmade Turkmen carpet to the program as a gift to showman Malakhov. They also showed a short story from Ashgabat, which Ilyas Pasha called “the most beautiful city in the world.” And when he sang “Bella Ciao” with his grandchildren on camera, the melody was immediately picked up in the studio. And then, also unexpectedly, the perky Italian tune was replaced at the guest table by a song with the words “My address is not a house or a street, my address is the Soviet Union...”.


The program, which was broadcast on Sunday, February 18, can be watched at any time on the “We Watch” platform, which is also available in the application.





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