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China has published a White Paper on the legal system and practice of combating terrorism

24.01.2024 | 14:17 |
 China has published a White Paper on the legal system and practice of combating terrorism

The Press Office of the State Council of the People's Republic of China on Tuesday published a White Paper entitled "China's Legal System and Practice in combating terrorism," Xinhua reports.

In addition to the preface and conclusion, the document consists of five parts: "Improvement of the legal system for combating terrorism", "Clear provisions on the definition and punishment of terrorist activities", "Standardized exercise of authority in the fight against terrorism", "Protection of human rights in the practice of combating terrorism" and "Effective protection of public safety and national security".

Terrorism is a common enemy of human society, which poses a serious threat to international peace and security and is a challenge for all countries of the world and all mankind, the White Paper notes. "All members of the international community share the responsibility to combat it," the document says.

As a victim of terrorism, China has faced its real threat for many years. China has always attached great importance to legislative construction related to the fight against terrorism, and has accumulated experience by concluding a number of international conventions and treaties, joining them, amending and improving criminal legislation, the document says.

By improving the legal system, strictly normalizing law enforcement, ensuring the fairness of justice, and strengthening judicial practice in the field of human rights protection, China has over the past years found a way to combat terrorism based on the law that corresponds to its realities.

China has reliably ensured national and public security, protected the safety of people's lives and property, and contributed to ensuring security and stability both in the world and in the region, the document emphasizes.

Approaches to the fight against terrorism that defend the common values of humanity, comply with the norms and principles of the United Nations, as well as their own realities and legal institutions, are part of global efforts to combat terrorism under the rule of law, as outlined in the White Paper.

Adhering to the concept of the community of the common destiny of mankind, China is ready to work with other countries of the world to promote the fight against terrorism as part of global governance, the document says.


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