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China gets half of its electricity from renewable sources

09.12.2023 | 11:38 |
 China gets half of its electricity from renewable sources

China now receives half of its electricity from renewable sources.

According to the Global Energy portal, the installed capacity of renewable energy power plants in China exceeded 1.4 terawatts (TW).

At the same time, solar panels and concentrators have become a common type of renewable generation. Hydroelectric power plants (420 GW) are in second place in this indicator, followed by wind generators (404 GW) and biomass plants (44 GW).

From January to October of this year, China commissioned 190 GW of generating capacity. This is much higher than the same indicator for the first 10 months of 2022. Last year, solar power plants were also in the lead.

The availability of its own raw material base allowed China to achieve such success. Thus, according to the US Geological Survey, in 2022 China accounted for 68% of global silicon production, 14% of silver production and 9% of copper production. These materials are used in solar energy. Last year, the country also led the global production of lithium (30%) and graphite (65%), which are used in the production of lithium-ion batteries.



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