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The World Exhibition EXPO-2030 will be held in Riyadh

29.11.2023 | 12:30 |
 The World Exhibition EXPO-2030 will be held in Riyadh

In 2030, the World Exhibition (EXPO) will be hosted by the capital of Saudi Arabia, the city of Riyadh.

This announcement was made by the International Exhibitions Bureau. The global event is scheduled to take place from October 2030 to March 2031.

Saudi Arabia is significantly ahead of its rivals — South Korea (Busan city) and Italy (the city of Rome), which have also applied to host the EXPO in 2030. Saudi Arabia received 119 votes from the member states. South Korea — 29 votes, Italy - 17 votes.

Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud expressed gratitude to the countries that supported the Kingdom's application and stressed the readiness to host the global community at the World Exhibition. He assured that Saudi Arabia will fulfill all the obligations stipulated in the application to achieve the main slogan of the exhibition "Era of Change: together for the sake of a far-sighted future."

The cost of the master plan of the event, announced by Saudi Arabia, is $7.8 billion. According to the plan, the EXPO will unfold near the King Salman International Airport, which is currently under construction.

Visitors can reach the exhibition venue in a matter of minutes by using the Riyadh Metro network, which covers all parts of the capital of Saudi Arabia.

There will be a total of 226 spherical exhibition pavilions.



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