The world is preparing to reconsider tourism after the pandemic

The world is preparing to reconsider tourism after the pandemic

Today, on the day of the invention of organized tourism and the opening of the first-ever travel agency “Thomas Cook Group”, many people are especially offended to sit in quarantine and in self-isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, according to the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the world is waiting for a rethinking of tourism as a phenomenon.

According to the calculations of UNWTO experts, there are three scenarios for reducing and restoring international tourism after the 2020 crisis. So, if passenger traffic starts to recover from June, then flows in the tourism industry will fall “only” by 58%. If from September – by 70%.

If international tourism does not begin to recover before December, the total number of trips for 2020 will fall to 78%. And this is a decrease in export proceeds from tourism and the loss of jobs.

However, travel companies in traditional summer tourism countries – Turkey, Greece, Israel, Italy, Spain, etc. – do not lose optimism. And while governments are solving the puzzle of how to make beaches safe, travel agencies are already calling travelers to apply for visas.

However, the tourist will need to get tested for the presence of the COVID-19 virus for this purpose. The expert of the independent European Resource on Schengen issues Granit Sadiku sees precisely this future for tourism after the pandemic. The idea of such a “health passport” is supported by more and more countries. You can also include information about all vaccinations in this passport.

Also among the alternatives are express checks at airports, pre-trip quarantine and the presence of antibodies to coronavirus in patients who have been ill (since it has not yet been proven that COVID-19 can be infected only once).

Another solution is to make distance. For example, Thailand, which restored flights, does not sell tickets for the middle seats in a row of three seats, and Italian air designers offer to cover all seats with individual transparent caps.

However, it is predicted that when the situation with coronavirus stabilizes, local tourism will become even more popular. In countries where the peak of the pandemic has passed or where no cases of COVID-19 have been detected, residents will want to better explore local attractions and recreation areas.

“In this case, hotels and resorts also need to prepare. Pay more attention to the issues of sterilization of common items, change the layout of cafes, canteens and bars to meet the recommendations of social distance, it is even possible to organize individual entrances to rooms” said French Tourism Minister Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne.

In his opinion, this will support restaurateurs, hotel business and attractions of the countries native to tourists.

Nevertheless, as all experts agree, until a vaccine against coronavirus is invented, there cannot be talk of habitual tourism.