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Belarus celebrates National Unity Day

17.09.2023 | 23:58 |
 Belarus celebrates National Unity Day

This holiday is timed to the anniversary of the unification of eastern and western Belarus, which took place 84 years ago. As a result, the Belarusian people were reunited within the framework of a single state, the territory of the republic gained integrity. As Belarusians themselves note, it was from that time that national unity became a prerequisite for the further national-state development of the country.

"The events of September 17, 1939 laid a solid foundation for the achievements and successes of modern Belarus, predetermined its further path of development," President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko said in his congratulatory message.

"Our common task is to increase the potential and glory of our native land through dialogue and mutual understanding, to preserve its identity and international authority," the head of the republic stressed, wishing his compatriots good health, happiness and well–being.

For the first time at the highest level, the idea of establishing a National Unity Day was voiced at the VI All-Belarusian People's Assembly in February 2021. Belarusian society has realized the need to start a new period in its history.

The establishment of the National Unity Day on September 17 emphasizes the continuity of generations, the inviolability and self-sufficiency of the Belarusian nation and statehood.

The program of the celebration of National Unity Day was not limited to one day – many events dedicated to this date began a week ago. These include bike and car rallies, flash mobs, concerts, lectures, excursions, film screenings, etc.



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