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Everything you wanted to know about ESG!

29.08.2023 | 15:05 |
 Everything you wanted to know about ESG!

Do you want to be competitive and stay updated? Then you might be interested in ESG standards (Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance) and how they could help your business reach a new level.

ESG is the concept of conscious consumption. It helps businesses, large and small, attract investors, build customer loyalty, improve financial performance and ensure business sustainability.

The term ESG is often used as a synonym for sustainable development, corporate social responsibility, social investments, or environmental compliance. While some of these elements may be part of an ESG program, risk management and the preservation of market rate and enterprise value are at the heart of ESG.

A well-designed and well-executed ESG strategy in an enterprise helps to provide access to capital markets, attract new customers, retain old and attract new competent employees, as well as increase their motivation, increase return on investment by directing capital to more promising and sustainable projects, as well as avoid inefficient capital investments and financial losses.

The USAID Trade in Central Asia Activity invites all interested entrepreneurs to participate in a webinar hosted by an international ESG expert.

This two-hour webinar will be live-streamed on the MS Teams platform in the last decade of September 2023.

Content of the webinar:

  1. Meaning of ESG
  2. Definitions and concepts
  3. International ESG standards/principles, framework and ratings
  4. International climate agreements and obligations of Turkmenistan
  5. ESG Resources
  6. ESG in practice

The target audience:

The private sector, public enterprises, as well as all stakeholders who wish to raise awareness.

Purpose of the webinar:

• Raising awareness in Turkmenistan about the principles of ESG

• Accelerating ESG Investment Growth

• Improved understanding about ESG standards, principles and toolset

• Find out the reasons why businesses in Turkmenistan should pay attention to ESG standards

• Guidance on how businesses can start implementing ESG principles now


International consultant from the UK on ESG issues of the USAID Trade in Central Asia Activity.

Duration - 1.5-2 hours. The webinar will take place on the platform (Microsoft Teams) with a consecutive translation from English into Russian.

To participate in the webinar, you must fill out the registration form at the link . The deadline to apply for the webinar participation is September 18, 2023, 18:00 Ashgabat time.

If you have any questions, please contact us by the phone number +99312 468247/49 or write to the e-mail address

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