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Where have smartphones with removable batteries gone?

03.04.2023 | 17:20 |
 Where have smartphones with removable batteries gone?

In recent years, many smartphone manufacturers have refused to use removable batteries in their devices. At the same time, just a few years ago, most phones were with a replaceable battery. Why did they disappear?

There are a lot of reasons. We have identified the most important:

Convenience and design

One of the main reasons why smartphones with removable batteries have disappeared from the market is the design. Modern smartphone manufacturers are trying to create thinner and lighter devices that cannot have a removable back cover.

In addition, devices with a removable battery may be less convenient to use, since the back cover may not be as strong and can open accidentally.

Protection from water and dust

Modern smartphones often have protection from water and dust, which is incompatible with the presence of a removable back cover. The waterproof housing requires tighter compression, which cannot be achieved with a removable cover.

Fast charging technology

With the advent of fast charging technologies such as Quick Charge, it has become less important to have a removable battery. Now users can charge the device by 30-50% in 10 minutes (the time depends on the model).

Cost of production

Another factor that has led to the disappearance of smartphones with removable batteries is the cost of production. The manufacture of removable batteries requires additional costs, testing and packaging. In addition, in case of problems with a removable battery, the manufacturer may face additional maintenance and replacement costs.

Unfortunately, the rejection of removable batteries also has some negative consequences. For example, in case of problems with the battery, the smartphone needs to be repaired, where it can lie for a long time.

I am glad that some manufacturers still continue to produce models with removable batteries. Among them are LG and Samsung. However, such smartphone models are not as popular as before, and it is possible to meet them on sale less and less often.



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