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Bazaars of Central Asia "chosen" by Russian investors

25.03.2023 | 20:07 |
 Bazaars of Central Asia "chosen" by Russian investors

35% of Central Asian bazaars fell into the field of view of Russian investors. Such figures were announced by experts from the Atlas bureau as part of a research project, the perimeter of which included 147 bazaars in Almaty, Bishkek, Dushanbe and Tashkent, writes the Russian edition of Izvestia.

Covered markets in Central Asian cities, in comparison with shopping centers, are much more advantageous - because it is here that a wide range of farm products and unique goods from local producers are presented. And yes, only on these trading floors you can feel the unique flavor of the oriental bazaar and the informal atmosphere, which can become a solid base for the development of such a popular trend as gastro tourism.

In the countries of Central Asia, traditional bazaars continue to occupy a significant share of retail trade to this day - an average of 20-40% of the total turnover, which are of interest to investors as potential mixed-use objects. We are talking about covered bazaars of regional significance, which in international practice are most often transformed into complexes of “mixed value” and are included in the segment of quickly paying off real estate. In addition, these projects have a convenient location, a wide coverage area, as well as the ability to attract not only city residents, but also tourists.


Photo: Atlas

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