World Chess Olympiad, Asian Tennis Championship and Girls Futsal: Youth Sports

World Chess Olympiad, Asian Tennis Championship and Girls Futsal: Youth Sports

Young chess players from Turkmenistan show a good result at the World Youth Chess Olympiad under the age of 16. The championship, which takes place in the city of Corum, Turkey, from 20th October to 6th November, 2019, is attended by 48 teams around the world.

In the first round of the Olympiad, a team of Turkmen chess players of Azat Nurmamedov, Allayar Shirliyev, Vepaly Halyniyazov, Azatgeldi Annageldiyev, and Lala Shohradova beat opponents from Russia 3: 1, from Malaysia - 2.5: 1.5, and played a draw with the teams from Montenegro and Slovakia. The team is trained by Honored Coach of Turkmenistan Serdar Annaberdiyev.

The tournament is held according to the Swiss system: team consisted of five players plays nine rounds.

* * *

Tennis players from Turkmenistan participate in the Asian Championship among children under age of 14 and younger, which started on November 3 in the capital of Qatar, Doha. The Turkmen team comprises of Anastasia Azimbayeva, Rojan Karadjayeva, Kakadjan Bayramgeldiyev and Selim Pirdjikov.

The championship, which will run until November 9, gathered together the leaders of national tennis rankings. Turkmen tennis players have every chance to be among prize-winners. It is worth to note that recently a specialist from Uzbekistan, Odyljon Akramov, began to train the Turkmenistan national tennis team.

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Turkmenistan Futsal Championship among girls started in Ashgabat. Six teams from different regions of the country – Mary, Dashoguz, Lebap, Balkan, Ashgabat and Talyp Sport – are represented in the competition.

The championship started with a game between the teams Dashoguz and Ashgabat, where the women futsal team from capital won confidently with a score of 20: 1. Ashgabat team did not leave any chance for representatives from northern region of Turkmenistan, making dangerous attacks on the opponent’s goal.

“Of course, at this tournament, we are aimed to win. And today we showed a good game. Of course, there are many missed chances. But there are even more difficult matches ahead. Therefore, we will do our best,” Maria Charyeva from Ashgabat team said.

At the first day of the competition, there were matches betwee Lebap and Mary teams. In this game, Mary team lost to Lebap futsal team by a minimum score of 5:4.

The championship will run until November 8th. Then, on November 9, Turkmenistan Cup Futsal Competitions among boys will kick-off.