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The final of the women's Chess Championship of Turkmenistan is being held in Ashgabat

01.02.2023 | 02:08 |
 The final of the women's Chess Championship of Turkmenistan is being held in Ashgabat

The Highest League of the Women's Chess Championship of Turkmenistan has started in Ashgabat. The tournament, held in a round-robin system, brought together 14 of the country's strongest chess players to date, each of whom will meet at the board with all the other participants. The girls were selected from various qualifying competitions, including the first league, the championship among girls under 20 and the previous top league.

So far, after two rounds, the three chess players who won both games played, i.e. scored 2 points each, are in the lead. These are the master of FIDE Lala Shokhradova, Gulmira Seyilhanova (both represent the Lebap region) and the national champion among juniors under 20 Meryem Agadzhanova (Ashgabat).

The current champion of the country, the master of FIDE, Jemal Ovezdurdyyeva, is half a step behind them. Despite losing half a point in the first round, she continues to be considered the main contender to win the tournament. A video analysis of one of the games of the first round can be viewed here.

In the 3rd round of the championship on February 1, all the leaders occupying 1st to 4th places will meet each other. Shokhradova Lala will play with Merya Agadzhanova and will try to take revenge for the recent loss at the Under-20 Girls' Championship. And Jemal Ovezdurdieva will try to defeat Gulmira Seyilkhanova, she has not seen any losses, with white figures.

The winners of the tournament will form the women's national team of Turkmenistan. The championship will last until February 11.


Photo: provided by the Chess Federation of Turkmenistan

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