The gas pipeline TAPI can unite Russia, the USA and the "Taliban"

The gas pipeline TAPI can unite Russia, the USA and the "Taliban"

«Russia is ready to act as guarantor of the agreement between the USA and «the Taliban». On the stake is security of southern borders of Russia and the gas pipeline TAPI». The material under such heading was published by the Russian site «Vesti Ekonomika».

According to the site material, official representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Maria Zaharova stated that that Russia is ready to act as guarantor of the agreement between the USA and the Afghani radical movement "Taliban" if such proposal is set forward.

The USA and the "Taliban" carry on the next negotiations in Qatar and try to agree on the last points of the agreement. «Russian side is ready to act as witness of signing or guarantor of fulfilment of agreements between the USA and the movement of the Talibans if the corresponding application of the parties to us comes», - Zaharova noted.

The USA and the «Taliban" movement expect to come to the agreement on terms of withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan in exchange for guarantees of non-use of the Afghani land for an attack to the USA or other countries.

the Russian site «Vesti Ekonomika» writes: «Meanwhile in February, 2018 on the Turkmen-Afghani border the building of the gas pipeline TAPI started, through which Turkmen gas will start to be delivered to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India. «Today – a golden day for Afghanistan. Construction of the gas pipeline will help our economy and will create thousand workplaces», - the representative of the governor of the Afghani province Herat stated.

It is necessary to tell that in the world there are few things, at which USA and Russia would look from identical positions. It is explainable - Russia and the USA are natural geopolitical competitors. But fortunately, both Moscow and Washington estimate equally positively the civil-engineering design of the gas pipeline TAPI.

Moscow would like to see peace in Afghanistan as it is concerned about the security of its southern borders. Washington also wants completion of the Afghani conflict as in this war people, and not only strangers perish, it costs much to the American tax bearers and harms the image of the USA which position itself as peaceful power.

Well and certainly, nobody is so tired of the Afghani conflict as the Afghans themselves. The same Talibans are ready to reconsider their views on the principles of model of the Afghani post-war society if only somewhat quicker to finish the war. And after all, the country’s restoration will take many years and gas which the pipeline TAPI will bring to Afghans, can play an invaluable role. TAPI will give energy for national economy’s restoration, workplaces for thousand Afghans.

In this sense, Moscow, Washington, Kabul, the "Taliban", and all capitals of the world interested in settlement of peace in Afghanistan, should understand that TAPI has no alternative.

They say it is not accepted to guess at the future in politics, but when the project TAPI will be realised, know, who will be the first to get profit from it? No, it is not Ashgabat. Ashgabat, probably, will be the second, if not the third.

The first to get the profit from TAPI will be the Afghani people when people will put aside the arms and will get first wages earned by peaceful work.

Nury Amanov