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What gift to bring from Turkmenistan – tips for tourists

04.11.2022 | 21:55 |
 What gift to bring from Turkmenistan – tips for tourists

Choosing a gift is always a difficult task, and if you need to choose it during a trip abroad, then it is doubly difficult. Turkmenistan is a country of color, national authenticity and oriental fairy tales. We have collected ideas of what to bring as a gift from this sunny country. In the list you can find options for everyone: relatives, friends, acquaintances, colleagues or business partners.

Fabrics and textiles

Turkmenistan, as befits an eastern country, is known for its fabrics. The most popular is local silk – it is thin, incredibly durable and relatively inexpensive. Also in the markets you can find a large selection of natural fabrics made of cotton, linen, wool, etc.

You can buy both a finished product (including one with a national flavor) and a piece of fabric from which its owner will sew whatever he wants. Many people note that very high-quality men's shirts and children's clothes are sold in the country.

We should also say about jeans, they are very popular among tourists. In Turkmenistan, most European brands are sewn off, which means that some part of the products remains inside the country. In stores, such products are sold without extra charge, so you have a chance to find branded jeans at a very reasonable price.

In addition, bed linen, towels, bathrobes and other home textiles will be a worthy gift – they are inexpensive and very high quality.

National flavor and souvenirs

Items of the national Turkmen costume are another option for an unusual gift. However, it is more suitable for art lovers, collectors or as a souvenir. The choice is diverse: dresses and shirts, skullcaps, which the Turkmens call "tahya", sheepskin hats "telpek", "czechs" and other products made of camel wool, which are especially appreciated by elderly people, homespun products "keteni", jewelry and amulets.

Какой подарок привезти из Туркменистана – советы туристам

Of the rare and more original, it is worth looking for a ceramic wind instrument "jul-jules" in the markets. This is a colorfully decorated whistle on the outside. The instrument reproduces a very pleasant, soft sound that resembles the singing of birds.

The Ahal–Teke horse is the pride and symbol of the country. Therefore, one of the main Turkmen souvenirs is a horse in all its manifestations: figurines, toys or dishes decorated with images of horses. The most budget figurines are made of wood, but you can buy copper or even silver. It all depends on your budget and the effort you are willing to spend to find a gift.

The second most important is the dog of the Alabai breed. It became especially popular after the "Asian Games-2017", which were held in Ashgabat. The Alabai puppy became a sports symbol of Turkmenistan and therefore figurines with it spread instantly.


Jewelry from Turkmenistan can be chosen as a gift for both women and men. Silver is considered the best here, but gold is also common. The most popular stone in these ornaments is carnelian, which is considered a talisman. It will be symbolic to give such a decoration to relatives or friends. When purchasing them as a gift, be sure to keep receipts that may be asked at customs.

And although it may seem that foreigners will not appreciate traditional Turkmen jewelry, in fact, unusual products can gracefully complement any image. By the way, the colorfulness of Turkmen culture is highly appreciated abroad. And another beautiful thing will always remind you of a pleasant trip to a sunny country.

Carpet products

If you didn't come here to buy a classic carpet, now there are small decorative options that may well be a great gift. The most expensive and valuable carpets are knotted: silk or wool, which cost at least several hundred dollars. But the beautiful and budget options are felt mats, the price of which starts from $ 10.

It is best to buy them in the bazaars of Ashgabat and in the store at the Carpet Museum. Buying in state-owned stores, you save yourself a headache when leaving the country (of course, if you have receipts). Otherwise, you will have to pay taxes and conduct an examination at the Carpet Museum in order to get permission to export the goods. After all, carpets woven more than 50 years ago, as well as having historical or cultural value, are prohibited from being exported from Turkmenistan.

Fruits, jams and other sweets

It is probably impossible to talk about Turkmenistan and not say about sweets. Fruits, jams and jams, halva, marshmallows, Turkish sweets.

Какой подарок привезти из Туркменистана – советы туристам

It is best to bring the famous Turkmen honey melon as a gift. They perfectly carry the road, and a variety of sorts will allow you to choose the one that will be convenient to transport. If it is still problematic to carry fruit, you can replace it with jam or dried melon.

In addition to melon, you can choose fig, pear, quince, peach or any other jam – this is a delicious Turkmen gift. From the unusual – a mass of chyrysh (jam from the roots of the plant of the same name with sugar and watermelon, melon, grape and other juices and spices). You can also buy the most delicious and healthy Turkmen honey made of cotton.

Another delicious product is halva, regardless of the variety and type. It is more profitable to take by weight, but it is more convenient – in jars. The choice of tastes is amazing: sesame, peanut, chocolate, pistachio, almond and even melon (ijan). In addition to halva, you can also buy a pastille made of fruit puree. It is natural in Turkmenistan, without added sugar.

Nuts, dried fruits, and spices

Nuts and dried fruits in Turkmen bazaars are natural, inexpensive and very tasty. From the unusual: nuts in salt, sugar or spices, and also dried melon, watermelon, persimmon and mulberry. There are also dried fruits in chocolate: sweets with the famous Turkmen melon inside.

Какой подарок привезти из Туркменистана – советы туристам

Connoisseurs of cooking or gourmets can bring seasonings. There are ready–made (the most popular is for pilaf), but it is better to assemble separately. Buy cumin, turmeric, coriander, fennel and more. Ask the seller for help – he will be happy to pick up spices for fish, meat, pastries, etc.

Meat delicacies

Unusual meat in Turkmenistan is camel meat, mountain goat meat and other wild artiodactyls. You can bring a gift in the form of dried stroganina or sausage in vacuum packages, necessarily with a factory label.


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