Martial Arts Lessons

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Martial arts is a new and harmoniously developed part of the Asian Indoor Games. They significantly diversified and enriched these international sports.

The martial arts competitions at the Ashgabat 2017 Games were among the most popular for those who visited the Olympic Complex of the Turkmen capital these days.

They are attractive for TV reporters, photojournalists, who want to capture spectacular throws, powerful blows, moments of heat of human passions.

Martial arts aradolescentse very attractive to adolescents, entire groups are enrolled in the section of karate, kickboxing, taekwondo, etc.

At the same time, martial arts are one of the most traumatic sports. Not everyone can climd up the ladder of professional skill. The higher, the harder, and sometimes dangerous.

Martial arts presuppose severe injuries not only at major competitions, where they lead an uncompromising struggle for the sporting honor of their country, but also on routine training.

Whether it's a final duel or regular training sparring, the battles are, as a rule, as close to the real situation as possible - hard, powerful, totally giving in to the desire to win.

After all, only this way you can become a real fighter, a true master. Hence the injuries are, sometimes, heavy ...

But the martial arts sections do not emerge from this assumption. Because teenagers grow up, they aspire to become real men - strong, courageous and reliable. Even if on this path they have to experience pain and physically difficult tests.

And the teenagers engaged in martial arts, become noble, like real men who respect their rival. After all, they know that their rival has gone the same way to perfection, to become strong, courageous and reliable.

Therefore, real fighters not only greet each other before the start of the fight, but also thank each other after it. Regardless of whether you won or not.

And this is one of the main lessons that teenagers who are engaged in martial arts learn.