In the Badkhyz reserve, a leopard fell into a camera trap

In the Badkhyz reserve, a leopard fell into a camera trap

A Persian leopard was spotted on the territory of the Badkhyz State Nature Reserve. The spotted predator fell into the lens of the camera trap.

These are special devices equipped with a motion sensor. They can capture a photo or video of animals from a fairly close distance without human intervention.

In recent years, this practice has been successfully applied by the Turkmen ecologists of the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection. With their help, observations in the natural habitat of the Red Book animals, which had previously caught the eye extremely rarely, became familiar.


The device is quite compact and inconspicuous, and most importantly, that the amount of memory in it is enough for up to 6 months.

Scientists note that over the years of using automatic cameras, hundreds of videos have been collected, each of which is of great value for biologists and reserve specialists, since they can be used to study the habits of animals, see how they behave in the absence of anxiety and anxiety factors, and raise young. migrate or seek food.