Rice harvesting started in Dashoguz region

Rice harvesting started in Dashoguz region

The main rice producers in Turkmenistan from specialized farming associations of the Dashoguz region of the country have begun harvesting a new rice crop, the official Turkmen press writes today.

In total, 8,100 hectares were allocated for rice fields in the region, on which high-yielding varieties “Nukus-2”, “Munbash”, “Alenga” were planted.

In the region, it is planned to collect and hand over to the state 35 thousand tons of rice, but the tenants, as before, aim at even better results.

The village workers are determined to collect 40-45 centners of "pearl" grain per hectare this year at the expense of high-performance machinery, told the local press the tenant of the S.A. Niyazov farming association of the district named after S. Saparmurat Turkmenbashi of the Dashoguz region Meretdurdy Amanov.