Interview with Polina Guryeva: "See you in Ashkhabad!"

Interview with Polina Guryeva: "See you in Ashkhabad!"

All these past several days Turkmen nationals are under impression from, probably, one of the brightest events of the month – success of our compatriot Polina Guryeva in the Tokyo Olympic Games, her silver medal – the first Olympic medal in the history of Turkmenistan.

Polina has given an exclusive interview by video call to ORIENT.

– Your award is the best gift for the country on the eve of Independence Day. You have devoted this victory to our president, Turkmen people and the 30th anniversary of independence. Would you tell us of your emotions?

– I am still under shock, I am that glad. And I yet have not up to the end realised all event. I cannot transfer by words all emotions.

– Polina how long time have you been engaged in sports?

– In 2012 my first coach Vladimir Robertovich took me to the sports section. He at first wanted to enrol my sister Nadia for the section, but it appeared that she is older and her age does not allow to be enrolled. Even today I remember that, even that date – March 1.

– Polina, why you have chosen weightlifting – it is far from female sport?

– I was engaged in gymnastics earlier. I in general love sports. After the beginning of trainings in the weightlifting section, I understood that I like it and I had decided to continue practising it.

– What parting words or advice were given to you by your coach Arthur Pavlovich before the most decisive performance?

– Arthur Pavlovich told the necessary and important words for me: «Polina, it will change your destiny».

– Tell, fairly, you likely do not leave for a minute your medal?

– I do not like to leave it, but it is enough, heavy. All friends from the team came to touch and feel it. My medal is placed at the conspicuous place in the room where I now live.

– Do you feel as hero?

– Well, maybe not hero, but I was worthy this medal because I strived for it.


– Who supported you at home and in the Olympic Games?

– My family and all our neighbours as well. And my favourite girlfriends who with impatience wait for my return.

– Tell about how is the spirit of the team?

– The team experiences a great excitement. All want to win prize–winning places. My award has given them all a strong push and motivation.

– Have you had time to see the city, to get acquainted with its sights? How do you spend you free time?

– I have not yet, but maybe we will have time to make excursion after competitions.

– Do you have a special ritual or a sign helping you to win competition, for example, a happy T–shirt or a talisman?

– I have got lucky weightlifting shoes and lucky hand bandage. I everywhere carry them with myself.

– Your mum says that she did not doubt of your success. And with what mental attitude you went out for decisive performance?

– I went with the thought to improve my result. I would like much more.

ФОТО 4.jpg

– You have already read in the social media thousands of congratulations sent to you, what are your feelings?

It is improbably pleasant, so many congratulations have come! I have not time even to read all at times. I have not time to answer. But I very much would like to answer all. Thanks you for support!

– What the most original congratulation you have got?

– All congratulations – for me are unique and all – favourite. But the most important congratulation was from our coach Arthur Pavlovich Emiryan. He said that all of us have proved that we can take medals that we have reached the big heights. And it is significant that we have won a medal on the eve of the 30th anniversary of independence of our country.

– You now are the student of Institute of Sports and Tourism. Tell me, what subject is your most favourite one?

– Well, certainly my favourite subject is my speciality.

– What will you do in the first hour, on the first day and in the first week, after returning home?

– In the first hour – likely, I will answer questions of journalists. The first day I would like to spend at home. Well and in the first week I will see friends and relatives, I will drive and to communicate much.

– Thank you for conversation. And we wish you new achievements!

– Thanks. We will see in Ashkhabad!