New boundary of the chess player from Turkmenistan - 40 games blindly

New boundary of the chess player from Turkmenistan - 40 games blindly

A new record of game in chess without looking at the board was established by 17-year-old Turkmen chess player Allayar Shirliev.

The set of simultaneous game blindly on 40 boards was held in Ashkhabad, in the chess class of sports department of Close Joint-Stock Company "Syut" on July 18, 2021.

Students of the chess club of the capital sports complex "Bagtyarlyk", the qualified chess players from the first to the third category were opponents of Allayar. And one of the forty - the master of sports, with rating FIDE - 2217, Shahruh Turaev.

In total the intense session lasted for 11 hours. To the last it was not clear, whether Shirliev will manage to avoid defeat in the general offset. Rivalry with its masterful play by champion Vladislav Sarkisyan nevertheless could see a draw. However in opposition with Turaev Allayar nevertheless lost.

Total result - 31 victories, 8 draw games and one defeat (35:5).

Observance of all formalities was watched by honoured trainer of Turkmenistan Shohrat Muratkuliev and trainer Ashir Ashirov.

Let's remind, in April this year the chess player played on 31 boards then the game was in favour of Allayar as 23,5 for 7,5.

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According to Shirliev, the next 2-3 months he will systematically prepare for the match without looking at 50 boards.

The game world record blindly in chess was established by the American grand master from Uzbekistan. In December, 2016, in Las Vegas Timur Gareyev simultaneously played on 48 boards and gained 38,5 points. This achievement was included in the Guinness Book of Records.