The first celebration was held in the building «White Turkmen yurt» of Balkanabat with participation of the president

The first celebration was held in the building «White Turkmen yurt» of Balkanabat with participation of the president

President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov took part in the opening ceremony of "White Turkmen yurt» in Balkanabat. The big concert venue with a seating capacity of three thousand spectators should become a new centre of cultural life and festivals.

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Similar constructions with symbolical round shapes have already been built in Akhal, Lebap, Mary and construction of the similar building is being completed in Dashoguz.

During the celebration the head of the state attended the exhibition of works of arts and crafts and folk creativity, organised in the new centre, the appurtenance of which only reproduces an image of traditional Turkmen dwelling. The architectural design and technical maintenance of the building, its internal accomplishment and equipment correspond to the modern standards.

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Besides the concert hall under the spherical arch, a giant "yurt" has space for expositions, creative studios, business actions and others.

Nearby it is a separate building – for traditional mass celebratory actions and collective meal. This building also is designed for service of three thousand persons simultaneously.

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In honour of the opening of "White Turkmen yurt» on its scenic square the concert, which included music-dance programs as one of the brightest numbers, one could enjoy brilliant show of famous group of national equestrian games “Galkynysh" which admired spectators by tricks of daring horsemen and courageous equestrians.

As the stage star the horse Akhan known for its tremendous ability to go on its hind feet, acted, for it, it has been included in the Guinness Book of Records.

Like the yurt, one more symbol of national unity and fidelity to ancient sources is an ancient ceremony of singing and dance kushtdepdi - this unique kind of national creativity has been also included in the UNESCO Representative list of tangible cultural heritage of humanity.

As an honourable spectator of the concert president Berdimuhamedov at the end of celebrations presented the new cultural centre with a bus for workers of the creative "workshop".