09.04.2024 13:02
In the first quarter of this year, the personal computer market has noticeably revived, research company IDC reports.
09.04.2024 08:51
Ahead of the adoption of the government's new budget, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced major investments in the development of artificial intelligence in the country.
05.04.2024 11:16
Today, almost everyone who works in a business environment is familiar with the 1C system. And although many, associate it primarily with accounting, since 1991, when the 1C company released its first program, 1C: Accounting, the product line has expanded significantly. Currently, 1C offers not only accounting automation, but also sales management, personnel management, document management, production management and much more.
05.04.2024 08:48
The European Union plans to build a new fiber-optic communication line between Europe and Asia.
04.04.2024 14:34
On April 3, the largest earthquake since 1999, with a magnitude of 7.3, occurred off the east coast of Taiwan.
03.04.2024 16:10
The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has unveiled its smart app for the Apple Vision Pro virtual reality set.
03.04.2024 14:22
Chinese aerospace company Space Epoch intends to develop fast delivery of orders around the world using reusable rockets. For these purposes, it will cooperate with the online-store Taobao, which belongs to the Chinese holding Alibaba Group.
03.04.2024 01:38
ChatGPT developer OpenAI announced that since April 1, access to a chatbot with generative artificial intelligence is available to users without registration. The company explained the decision by the need to maximize access to ChatGPT.
02.04.2024 09:41
The American television company Channel 1 has announced a new service that will present news to a specific user in an interesting way.
01.04.2024 16:43
OpenAI presented the results of preliminary testing of the Voice Engine AI model, which, based on a 15-second sample, can realistically voice the entered text, trying to convey the speaker's voice and speech characteristics as accurately as possible.