18.09.2023 09:20
The national anti-virus program “Milli One”, developed and launched by specialists of the Turkmenaragatnashyk Agency, is in demand abroad. According to the Agency, orders for the purchase of this program are currently being received.
16.09.2023 14:55
Today Ameca is one of the most advanced robots in the world. Android with artificial intelligence stands out for its huge capabilities, which increasingly resemble human ones. Recently, he again made headlines on social networks, firstly, because he was thinking about the future of humanity, and secondly, because he starred in a video where he reacts to his image in the mirror for the first time.
14.09.2023 17:39
The President of Turkmenistan proposed creating the Central Asian Council on New Technologies, noting that the countries of the region have great potential for innovative growth, the best scientific schools and technological developments.
14.09.2023 12:18
The new generation of iPhones will have a USB Type-C port instead of the proprietary Lightning, which Apple did not want to abandon for many years.
14.09.2023 12:06
From September 12 to 17, a bright comet Nishimura will be observed in the sky over Turkmenistan, which flies past the Earth once every 437 years.
13.09.2023 17:15
China has announced its plans to create "three to five industrial clusters" using metaverses - virtual worlds where digital avatars can interact with each other as in real life.
12.09.2023 02:52
Polish startup Nevomo has developed technology that allows trains to take off and float above the rails at high speed. The testing ground for the world's first MagRail train was a 720-meter railway track in Nowa Sazzyn in Poland, Themayor reports. According to the developers, such trains will potentially be able to travel at speeds of up to 550 km/h.
31.08.2023 13:11
In Hangzhou (China), where the XIX Asian Summer Games will be held from September 23 to October 8, new amenities have appeared for residents and guests of the city. In particular, benches have been installed in parks and squares where you can charge your gadgets wirelessly or wirelessly. People's Daily writes about this.
31.08.2023 11:49
At the Large Hadron Collider, physicists for the first time managed to observe neutrinos — one of the smallest and most mysterious particles that pass through all matter in the world, practically without interacting with it in any way. The "trapped" particles will help scientists better understand the fundamental laws of nature and figure out how the universe came into being.
23.08.2023 01:01
A team of scientists from Imperial College London has developed innovative photovoltaic panels that mimic plant leaves in their structure. These devices efficiently convert solar energy into electrical energy.