18.10.2020 05:13
In Russia, the visa-free regime for Iranian tourist groups will come into force in the near future. During a weekly press conference, Russian Foreign Ministry official spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said this in response to a question of an IRNA reporter. “An Agreement on visa-fr...
06.10.2020 05:39
Dubai, the largest city in the United Arab Emirates, intends to add another record to its list of accomplishments - the largest fountain in the world. “Palm Fountain”, which will be located in the sea on an area of 14 thousand square feet, will be nominated for the Guinness Bo...
06.10.2020 05:37
In Turkmenistan, due to the unstable epidemiological situation in the region and the world, restrictions on the activities of religious institutions - mosques, churches and Muslim shrines for pilgrimage were extended until November 1. Restrictions on the work of religious inst...
06.10.2020 04:50
In 1948, in the night from 5 to October 6 in Ashkhabad there was a terrible earthquake. In a flash the city was ruined, ten thousand people appeared under blockages. The trouble entered into each house, having taken unaware inhabitants of the capital of Turkmenistan. Tremors were...
06.10.2020 04:47
Collecting fridge magnets is a fairly popular hobby. These small decorations at-tach a bright festive look to a boring food storage and perfectly complement the kitchen decor. However, as Swiss scientists have found out, this hobby is fraught with great danger. The field produced...
02.10.2020 19:33
A new ambassador of Turkmenistan to Israel has been appointed. The head of state signed the corresponding decree at a government session held via video conference. As per the decree, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Turkmenistan to Italy Toily Komekov was ap
08.09.2020 05:57
Recently, an article for malicious evasion from treatment of dangerous infectious diseases was added to the Criminal Code of Turkmenistan. Such infringement of the law provides for up to two years in prison, and, if the offence is repeated, depending on the severity of the damage...
23.08.2020 09:36
Wireless earphones because of built-in Bluetooth emit electromagnetic waves too close to the brain, said Alexander Timofeev, Associate Professor of Computer Science at the Russian University of Economics named after G.V.Plekhanov. According to him, first of all, fakes of original...
07.08.2020 21:15
The upper and lower houses of the Parliament of Tajikistan at a joint session set the date for presidential elections, according to the Sputnik Tajikistan. Elections of the head of Tajikistan are scheduled for October 11, 2020, the secretariat of the country’s parliament said. ...
04.08.2020 17:04
Turkmenistan will send medical equipment to Afghanistan as humanitarian aid. The appropriate decree was signed by President Berdimuhamedov. According to the document, the Ministry of Health and Medical Industry will donate medical equipment to Afghanistan, and the Ministry of