27.09.2020 16:26
Representatives of all combat arms of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan have passed today on the square of Ashkhabad. A measured tread under the martial music officers, soldiers and cadets proceeded before the reviewing stand. A considerable quantity of military technologies...
25.09.2020 18:53
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10.05.2020 18:43
The military parade in Ashgabat on Victory Day became a tribute to the heroism of the participants of the Great Patriotic War and a symbol of the continuity of military traditions, the banner of honor and dignity of the defenders of the Motherland, the valor of the army defending...
26.12.2019 11:24
The rise of the first evening dawn on December 25 marks for Western Christians the beginning of celebrating the Nativity of Christ. As is known from history, it was on this day, according to the Gregorian calendar, Son of God Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem, and, following the...
17.12.2019 23:29
A mere two weeks before the New Year holiday, and a festive mess has already started in Ashgabat: evening shows, including open area programs on free access basis are launched by concert and entertainment organizations. The whole city, almost its every square meter, is covered...
12.12.2019 11:13
Today, it was celebrated the International Day of Neutrality in Turkmenistan. By the UN decision, this holiday became International in 2017, and Turkmenistan celebrated December 12 as the 24th anniversary of the country’s official neutrality status in foreign relations. Tradition...
25.11.2019 11:50
This Saturday morning in November gave a surprise for Ashgabat residents. Indeed, even the day before foliage lay on the sidewalks, and today the streets of the city are covered with a thin white carpet. This phenomenon is not quite typical for a mild Turkmen autumn. The ...
30.10.2019 10:03
Ashgabat Orphanage often sees guests of honor, who don’t come without gifts, including the President of Turkmenistan. Today is a holiday again - the head of state donated bicycles to the pupils of the Orphanage. All these best examples of modern two-wheeled vehicle modifi...
17.10.2019 16:03
A stunning, emotional and useful action – the performance of athletes from both countries on the sports ground of the Olympic village – became the culmination of the visit of a delegation of adaptive sports athletes from the United States to Turkmenistan. The visit is organized b...
11.10.2019 19:48
The Summit of the CIS Heads of State brought together political leaders and prominent figures of the Commonwealth, experts, political analysts, and the media in Ashgabat. At the highest level, important documents were signed on intensifying cooperation within the Commonwealth,...