Acquaintance with the cave Kyrk gyz

Acquaintance with the cave Kyrk gyz

ORIENT traditionally introduces the beauty of the Turkmen nature. One of the amazing natural sites is the Kyrk gyz cave, which is located 5-6 km south of the village of Murche in Bakharden district. The main part of the local mountain range is covered with mulberry trees. Warm hydrogen sulfide springs can also be found in this site, where springs form rivers, and many species of wild figs grow.

The main attractions of the cave are a twenty-meter waterfall and walls covered with mummy. From the 2-2.5 m high and 6-7 m wide entrance Kyrk gyz gradually narrows inward. The main inhabitants of the cave are bats.

There are always many secrets and mysteries associated with caves. There is a legend among the people that an enemy once attacked the village of Nyazdepe. The elders, realizing that it was impossible to save the village, gathered all the girls and sent them towards the mountains. When the enemies were already close, the girls in panic rushed into the bottomless cave.

The invaders left without finding them, and forty girls died. Their tears, their crying turned into a source: first drop by drop, and then flowed as a whole spring. Therefore, this place is called Kyrk gyz (Forty girls). They say that every spring, when the mountains are covered with greenery and flowers, the faint cry of young girls is heard from the cave.

The path to this natural attraction runs through the fabulously beautiful places of Bakharden, which fascinate and attract travelers. Now the cave is considered one of the iconic geological monuments and is a popular vacation spot for locals and tourists. And a waterfall falling from a height is awe-inspiring. But you can feel all this only by visiting Kyrk gyz.