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Kazan is planning to become the capital of field hockey

16.05.2024 | 17:15 |
 Kazan is planning to become the capital of field hockey

Within the framework of the XV International Economic Forum "Russia – the Islamic World", held in Kazan, grandiose plans were announced to turn the city into a world center of field hockey. Fisal Hassan, Director of the Kazan International Institute for Cooperation with African and Middle Eastern Countries, shared the news about two ambitious projects that have already been approved.

The first project "Kazan is the sports capital of the Islamic ice hockey world" has already been successfully agreed upon. Now attention is being paid to the second project, which is designed to expand horizons and make Kazan a center for the development of field hockey not only for the Islamic world, but also for all countries. The project has already been coordinated with the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation and the Field Hockey Federation in Moscow and continues to develop actively.

Fisal Hassan clarified that Kazan will become the capital of field hockey for 50 countries, including Islamic states, as well as countries in Africa and the Middle East. Saeed Al-Jasmi, Vice President of the Abu Dhabi Aquatics Club and head of the ADNOC Procurement Service, announced the visit of athletes from the United Arab Emirates to Kazan for the upcoming BRICS Games in June 2024.

The Swimming Federation of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Abu Dhabi Aquatics Club have already signed an agreement that will lay the foundation for future development and exchange of experience in the field of sports. The Gulf States express great interest in the opportunities offered by cooperation with Russia and Tatarstan, in particular.



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