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Oriental expression on the Ashgabat podium: what impressed the fashion expert from Paris

09.01.2024 | 01:09 |
 Oriental expression on the Ashgabat podium: what impressed the fashion expert from Paris

The Ashgabat House of Models, one of the centers of the creative industry of the Turkmen capital, is hosting the ethnic style festival this week. The three-day forum was organized by the secretariat of the National Commission of Turkmenistan for UNESCO together with the Mayor's Office and the House of Models on the occasion of the inclusion of Ashgabat in the UNESCO network of creative cities in the category "Design".

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This network provides each of its cities with the opportunity to work together internationally, gain knowledge and share resources, which in turn fuels each other's local initiatives. Thus, the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization defines creativity as a strategic factor for sustainable urban development. Ashgabat presents unique opportunities in terms of national design, including in clothes that bring historical traditions, diversity and generosity of Turkmen ornaments and folk art crafts to everyday life.

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Guests from Paris came to evaluate modern fashion collections from Turkmen couturiers – president of the association Route De La Soie Et Al-Andalus (Silk Road and Al-Andalus), founder of the Oriental Fashion Show Ind Judar, which promotes collections of designers from Eastern countries on the world fashion market, and photographer Paul Jacques Tomasini. The OFS team, specializing in fashion communication, organizes exceptional shows at prestigious venues in the French capital, as well as in London, Milan, New York, etc., which allows young designers to achieve international fame.

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In Turkmenistan, the national women's costume has never gone out of fashion, but today it is experiencing a real renaissance thanks to new stylists and trends that brought down waves of festive images on the catwalks, in which the radiant East sparkled in all its fabulous luxury of silks and velvets, exquisite embroidery and flowing fringes, the glitter of silver and gilding jewelry studded with gems and jangling pendants.

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The fashion houses "Mahirli Zenan", "Nur Yupek" and "Peyker" participate in the current shows. And if the first day of the show was complemented by the exhibition "Design Plus", which represents the reinterpretation of decorative and applied art in modern accessories, then the second day was dedicated to scarves as an integral part of the headdress of Turkmen women.

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There were the thinnest, translucent and weightless silk stoles, whimsically hand-painted by the artists of the House of Models, and dense shoulder capes completely covered with patterned embroidery, and bright girlish scarves, and large flowery shawls with tassels…

Our guest Ind Zhudar also appeared today in a full turquoise Turkmen outfit and with a scarf on her head. She shared her feelings with us:


– Turkmen dresses are absolutely amazing. When I put on this dress, which was presented to me by the hospitable organizers, I immediately felt comfortable in it and at the same time festive! At the same time, it is solemn and romantic. And on the one hand, I consider it an honor to receive such wonderful gifts as a Turkmen dress and a Turkmen shawl, and on the other hand, I am very proud that I have them now.


The guest also described her impressions of the exhibitions and screenings:

– On the first and second days, we saw the work of artisans and hand–painted silk - and it's amazing. Turkmen craftsmen incredibly elegantly combine complex technique and very expressive decorative effect. It all looks very nice! It is impossible not to admire these masterpieces and those who create them. All these talented people have great potential, and we will try to organize something in Paris in the near future - for example, to hold an exhibition of these incomparable creations. I'm sure the public in France will appreciate them!









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