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China opens first air traffic center for passenger drones

27.12.2023 | 22:02 |
 China opens first air traffic center for passenger drones

A city air traffic center for unmanned passenger aircraft has opened in the southern Chinese metropolis of Shenzhen, Guangdong province, Xinhua reports.

The 4,500 square meter urban air traffic demonstration center includes a landing pad, a hangar, and a command and control center.

It is designed to support low-altitude urban air mobility (UAM), which is likely to expand in the future to include sightseeing trips using similar vehicles.


The city of Shenzhen, which is home to China's leading drone manufacturer DJI, is committed to promoting the development of the low-altitude UAM economy. The city authorities intend to become a leader in the country in creating a convenient and efficient system of low-altitude infrastructure for passenger and cargo transportation, as well as in providing services for organizing low-altitude air tours.

In October this year, China's Ehang became the first company in the world to receive an airworthiness certificate for its fully autonomous passenger air taxis.


These planes can be used not only to transport people, but also to deliver goods such as parcels, medicine or food. They can also be used in emergency situations such as natural disasters or accidents. In situations where time is of the essence, these vehicles can quickly and safely deliver much-needed medical personnel or equipment to the scene of an incident.



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